25 September 09:45 - 12:00Grow Internationals

CV Writing Workshop

This workshop aims to prepare you for the most important step of the job hunting process, the application. You are probably used to write and have a few versions of your CV. But have you adjusted it to Swedish conditions so it satisfies Swedish recruiters?

The CV Training Workshop is an interactive training where you get the understanding of Swedish job market conditions, how applications are normally perceived and what important factors you need to consider. But above all, you also get the chance to meet your peers and exchange experiences on what had been successful and what has not.

All participants are encouraged to send in their CV prior to the workshop to receive individual feedback on structure and content.

All you need to know

The CV Training Workshop is led by experienced coach and seasoned expat herself, Patricia Craig. Patricia has lived in Sweden for the past 10 years and several countries prior to that. She has worked within international business and regularly do trainings with companies and internationals.

The workshop will be held at Grow Internationals' office on Sveav√§gen 98, 2nd floor. Registrations start at 09.45 and the workshop will start at 10.00 sharp.


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